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Dehumidifier types

Dehumidifier types

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Dehumidifiers are those devices that are used to maintain a certain moisture level in your home. There are three main types: absorption dehumidifiers, spray and refrigeration dehumidifiers.

About absorption dehumidifiers

This unit uses a sorbent material to absorb the moisture from a room.

This material contains microscopic pores that help absorb the water very well. When the material get’s saturated it can be dried with hot air.

About spray dehumidifiers

The device dehumidifies the air when moisture in the air saturates on the surface of the sprayed water. An air washer or sprayer can be used as long as the temperature of the water is lower than the dew point of the air flow.

About refrigeration dehumidifiers

To dehumidify the air the device forces air to pass a cooled surface where the moisture in the air saturates. A refrigeration unit cools the surface or coil .

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