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How to install a portable air conditioner

How to install a portable air conditioner

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Portable air conditioners are great alternatives to every user that also has central air conditioning or not. Portable units have a much smaller consumption than central air conditioner and are great especially for single rooms. They can be used to supplement a central air conditioner when the temperature needed isn’t reached, and also as a stand alone unit.

Selecting a window

One important thing is that you find a window for the air conditioner unit. This is because just like any other AC unit, it expels heat and moisture and they need to be expelled outside. This is why almost every portable air conditioner unit has it’s own venting kit that only needs a window.

All you need to do is make a little space in the window so that the hose from the unit can fit in it. Then connect the hose to the unit and there you have the venting kit installed. Also make sure that you have some electrical outlet near as you won’t be able to move the air conditioner around.

Extending the hose through the window

Just lift the window and pull the hose so that it is a couple of inches outside and make sure it’s straight to assure a constant air flow.

If the hose is too short, don’t pull it as it may crack or rip off. Go buy a longer air hose or just move the air conditioner closer to the window and see if now it’s long enough.

Install drainage tools

Most of the AC units have their own drainage pans and hoses. Water comes from the humidity in the air, and from the condensation process. So you will need to read the manufacturers manual so that you do the right thing. Dripping trays will need emptied once in a while.

Sealing gaps

To seal the window gaps, make sure to close the window as much as possible. Use some objects like wood scrap to prevent the window from cutting the hose. The gaps should be sealed with some foam.You can also find sealing kits at any hardware store.

Installing window-mounted units

Install the brackets for the hose onto the window. Be careful to tighten the screws. Put the unit into the bracket and also attach the extensions to the sides of the wall. Close the window on the unit and now apply some weather stripping foam to seal the window.

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