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How to remove cigarette smoke from wood furniture

How to remove cigarette smoke from wood furniture

If you’ve bought a new piece of furniture and you haven’t noticed that it smells like cigarettes, you will surely want to get rid of the smell. This can be done easily, without any sanding or stripping, just with some cleaning products.

Cleaning the wood

First of all, don’t try and mask the smell.

If you spray some floral deodorizer, your furniture will smell like smocked flowers. All you need to do is clean the furniture with plain natural soap and water. Be careful to clean all the spaces and clean the inside and outside of doors and drawers. Now use some rags or old cloths to remove the excess water. You can try some natural odor-removing options.

Air-dry the furniture outside

If you can, it’s better if you can let the furniture dry outside, in the fresh air. You need to be careful not to let the furniture in the sun. The fresh air not only will dry it but also help get rid of the smell. Remember to remove all the drawers and let the doors opened.

Natural odor absorbing techniques

One of the best household products that can help you get rid of smoke smell is vinegar. To do this, you need to place some bowls with vinegar inside the furniture. The vinegar will gradually absorb the smell. Let the vinegar act for a few days, before removing it.

Another way you can remove cigarettes odors is by using some old black and white newspapers. These are quite great for the job. You only need to crumple some sheets and then place them in the drawers or cabinets. They will absorb the smell and also the humidity in the furniture.

Ground coffee has been used for decades for removing bad smells. To do the job, just put the wood pieces in some plastic bags and put a cup or two of freshly ground coffee. The smell of cigarettes will disappear. The furniture will smell like coffee for a little time.

Another inexpensive way to remove bad odors is with baking soda. Put some baking soda in shallow bowls and put it in drawers and cabinets. Let it act for a few days and then remove them. They will absorb any smell from the furniture.Also, instead of baking soda, you can use clay kitty litter.

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