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How to paint a metal screen door

How to paint a metal screen door


Painting a screen door is very easy and requires just a few materials and tools. You will need:

  • Metal spray paint or paint from a can (intended for metals only);
  • Metal primer, and;
  • Brush (if using paint from a can)

Cleaning the door

The door needs to be thoroughly cleaned before painting it. Use some solution of ammonia and water to clean the whole door.

Use a wire brush in case the door has rust on it. Also tape the areas that you want to avoid painting.


Use a good quality primer before the actual paint. This will assure that the door is protected and that the paint adheres to the surface.

Painting the door

If you are planning to add more than one coat, then add them evenly and also they should be thin. Paint in one direction only for a nice look.

Thin coats are especially good when you have spray paint. Add more than one coat, but thin ones. The paint will dry much faster and it will prevent runs.

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