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Mosquito repellent plants - Citronella

Mosquito repellent plants - Citronella


Citronella is an annual plant known for its strong odor that keeps mosquitoes away. It thrives in areas with warm weather and is suitable for flower beds, patios or porches. Citronella flowers have a beautiful bluish-purple color such as lavender.

When you take a citronella leaf in between your fingers and press it you can feel its strong odor that keeps some pests away.

If you decide to grow citronella in flowerbeds, follow a few simple steps.

  1. Avoid planting citronella if the temperature in the spring can freeze the plant, otherwise it will die.
  2. Choose an area where the soil has a good drainage and the sun is present at least six hours during the day.
  3. Look at the container where the citronella is planted and make a double hole in the soil.
  4. After you have put the plant into the hole, add a mixture of one part dirt and tree parts of the soil in the container. If you want, you can buy an organic mixture to use it when planting citronella.
  5. Apply a generous amount of water.
  6. If you see any yellow leaves, cut them off. Although citronella requires little maintenance, it needs more water when the temperature is very high or the air is dry.
  7. In the autumn, move your citronella in a pot and take it inside the house; keep it there until spring comes.
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