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Installing roof brackets

Installing roof brackets


Roof brackets are usually used to make a level platform to stand on. For every platform you will need two brackets, and some nails. here’s how you can do it.

One story

You should use roof brackets only on one story roofs, as they can come loose. Only after you have gained enough experience you can use them above one story.


The brackets need to be nailed into the roof rafter. Use as many nails as you need. You do not want them to come off.


The rafters need to be installed every 6 feet. Add one rafter and then the plank. Continue with these steps.


You will use the plank also for putting roofing materials on it, so make sure you do not overload it.

Removing the brackets

After you have removed the brackets, you will have nails left in the roof. If you cannot remove them, nail them as deep as you can and then put some roofing cement over them.



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