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Advantages of solid wood stairs

Advantages of solid wood stairs


Stair treads are usually the parts that get the most damage and they need replacement once in a while. When you do have to replace them, you need to know what materials to choose from.

Solid wood

This is the best material for stair treads as it is very durable, long lasting and also it can be re-finished many time.

Solid wood can be very expensive because of the required thickness of the stock and also because of the increased costs with the manufacturing. One of the drawbacks is that solid wood tends to contract and expand more than any other type of wood and this is why it is very vulnerable to cracking.

Engineered wood

Some of the main advantages of engineered wood are the high resistance to heat, cold and moisture, but they lack the durability.

False end treads

This is the less expensive option. These false treads can be used only with carpets but can prevent damage to the stairs. They can be added over the edge of the stairs and protect the treads.

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