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How to extend a kitchen island

How to extend a kitchen island


Sometimes it may happen that your kitchen island is too small for you to use. You may have designed it wrong or maybe you have bought the house and the kitchen island was there. There are ways to extend a kitchen island and gain more storage space and also more counter-top space.

Some of the materials that you will need for the job is:

  • 2×4 lumber
  • ½-inch plywood
  • Pine tongue and groove lumber
  • Masking Tape
  • Table saw or circular saw
  • Counter-top of choice
  • Screws
  • Drill

Location of the expansion

First of all you will need to determine the place where you will be extending the island. You should think about the space that it will occupy. Make some measurements and determine the best place.

A nice experiment is to apply some masking tape to mark the place where the island will extend. Let it there for a few days and see how it will affect the traffic in the kitchen.

Floor covering

After you have decided on the place of the island, you will need to remove the floor covering. You can cut it in the shape of the island if it’s vinyl floor.If you have tiles, then you will need to remove each tiles.


You will need to build a frame for the island. You can do this directly in the kitchen or off site. se a 2×4 lumber and cut it to the desired length, height and width. Leave two inches for the counter-top when measuring the height. Bind the pieces together using screws or nails and seal each screws with caulking.


After you have completed the frame, you can install the counter-top. You can build the counter-top from Formica tiles. As a base you can use plywood.

Outer covering

Now it’s time to finish the island by wrapping it with pine tongue and groove planks. You can fix them by using nails or screws.

One important thing that you need to add is a kick-plate to protect the island being kicked by feet, or mopped. Clean the island and you’re done.

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