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How to install a boiler heating system

How to install a boiler heating system


If you want to install a central heating boiler, but you still want to save some money, then you should consider doing the job by yourself. It is not an easy job but it can be done, even by a person with no experience. Here are the tools and materials needed for the job:

  • Tube cutter
  • Pipes
  • Pipe bending spring
  • Blowtorch

Position requirements

First of all you will need to find a location for the boiler.

The best place is in the interior of an exterior wall, so that the exhaust from the system should be allowed to be vented outside. Also it will aid with the combustion.

Pipes and pathways

Now find out what kind of pipes you will need. For natural gas powered boiler, you will need to use a black-threaded piping to connect the boiler with the main gas line. You will also need a water pipe. Try to route the pipes underneath floor boards if you can. Plan everything on a paper first and then put it in practice. Also you will need return pipes all running parallel to one another.

Installing the pipes

After all this planning you can start the installation. Run the pipes through walls and ceiling to make the system as short as possible. This way it will lose less heat on the road. Use 22mm pipes to create the main air flow circuits and 15mm pipes from each individual radiator. Connect the cold water main pipe to the boiler itself.

Gas supply

It’s better to contact a professional for this job. Gas is very dangerous and you should get the line installed by a professional to avoid accidents.

Now you can try the heating system.

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