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Transform garage into bedroom

Transform garage into bedroom


There are many people out there that have huge garages, 3 cars garages, or just one that they don’t use. If you only have a car that occupies just a little part of the garage, you may consider remodeling it and make a room for yourself.


  • The first thing you need to do is take out the garage door.
  • You can build a wall in the place of the door, or you can install a smaller door and the rest cover it.
  • An important step is insulating the garage.
  • You can make a closet by using some drywall sheets and placing them in one corner of the room. Make a frame out of them.
  • The old lighting fixtures can be replaced with the ones that you use in your home.
  • Use drywall to finish the walls.
  • You may install a door that will connect the house to the garage.
  • Paint the room. Choose an appropriate color that will match the rest of the house.
  • Also you should pick the flooring.
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