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Wood handrails cleaning

Wood handrails cleaning

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Cleaning and keeping your staircases clean is an easy job. Periodic cleaning is all you need to do to ensure the good look. This will also eliminate the premature replacement.

Proper usage

If you have children, tell them not to run up and down the stairs. It’s not safe for them and also wears and tears the staircase. Never pull on the hand rails because this will make them to fail .

Cleaning and maintenance

To keep hand rails and balusters clean, you should use some oil soap and some wax. Wax is very good for wood stairs. It will make it more durable. Scratches and stains can also be avoided when doing periodic cleaning.

Periodically check the baluster rails if they are loose. For wooden stairs use a rubber mallet and pound the top of the rails. If they are fixed with screws, check to see if they came off or if they are loose. Make the necessary repairs to ensure safety.

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