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How to install a pedestal sump pump

How to install a pedestal sump pump


A pedestal pump is used to prevent basement floods. This is absolutely necessary in case you live in an area where rainfalls are frequent or your basement is prone to flooding.

How to purchase the pedestal sump pump

Even if you have a lot of choices when it comes to sump pumps, a pedestal pump has much more benefits and it costs less.

Because the pumps have different pumping capacities, you have to know from the beginning the measurements of your basement.

The right place to install a sump pump

Before starting to dig any hole for the pump, the location of the sewer, water and other utility lines need to be carefully established. An electrical outlet will need to be near the pump and also an exterior wall for easy drainage. If there is no way you can find an electrical outlet, an electrician can solve this problem.

Discharge pipe

All the water collected by the pump will be drained into a discharge pipe and carried out. The pipe will start directly from the pump and routed to the yard far away from your house.

How to dig for the sump pump

For the digging part you will need a jackhammer. Eye protection is absolutely necessary for your own safety and the directions for the machine have to be followed in order to prevent any damages. When you buy the pump some manufacturer’s directions will be provided. Here you will find indications related to the depth of the liner.


After the hole is ready, the pump can be attached to the discharge pipe. For a well done installation, you have to follow the directions that come with the pump.

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