7 air conditioner tips

For many people, a good air conditioner system is a quiet one. Here are some tips for maintaining your AC unit quiet.


Buy the Right Size for the Room

It is very important that you do so. If it’s a bigger unit, then you will hear it when it comes on or off. A smaller unit will make a lot of noise, because it will try to maintain cool a room bigger than usual.

2. Install Properly

If the unit isn’t installed on a stable fram it will rattle, hum and buzz quite loudly. First check if the frames of the windows or of the supporting kit are stable.

3. Make Sure the Air Conditioner is in a Partly Shaded Spot

Even if you buy the most expensive air conditioner system, it won’t resist too much in the scorching heat of July. This is why you should install is in a shaded place.

4. Check Its Mechanical and Moving Parts

Check the fan blades. If those aren’t perfectly straight, then they might vibrate and make noises. Lubricate the rotating plate with a suitable oil, or just a spray of WD-40 to make it rotate smoothly.

5. Check the Insulation

Many air conditioner units have sound-deadening insulation inside the walls and faceplate. If this is worn, torn or missing, replace it with a suitable moisture-resistant material. Pack this insulation tightly into every crevice to reduce the sounds of the air conditioner’s moving parts.

6. Examine the Power Cord

Check if the power cord is damaged. If it is, then it doesn’t supply enough energy for the unit. This can cause intermittent stoppages, and vibrating noises when it restarts. Replace the power cord immediately.

7. Clean the Filter

Most air conditioners have a filter screen that is located in or near the faceplate. Remove and clean it every week during the times it is most used.

By keeping an eye on the air conditioner unit you can keep it clean and quiet.

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