About air conditioning refrigerant

The refrigerant is a substance that is used for refrigeration, to keep cold and cool. It’s very important for central air conditioners.

The refrigerant it’s used to absorb the excess heat from the air and then blow new cooler air inside your house.

The same substance is used for car air conditioners.

So the chemical refrigerant transports the heat from the room to an outside unit that blows the heat into the atmosphere and then transfers the outside cold air inside your home.

The refrigerant is a colorless, odorless liquid. It’s also named R-11. If it’s placed at room temperature, it starts to boil and can be used in air conditioning systems to assist with heating and cooling the air.

The level of refrigerant on your air conditioner must be high. If you’re running low in refrigerant, then you may need to contact an air conditioning company contractor. A close inspection is needed as you may have leaks. Before recharging the system, make sure you check it for leaks.

If you live in hot areas, then you will need to do some regular maintenance. Check the filters and also the level of refrigerant. If you use the air conditioner too often, then you may need to recharge the system with refrigerant more often. The same rule applies to car air conditioning systems. Contact a HVACR technician and make him check the level of refrigerant.

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