About Armstrong air conditioners

Armstrong air conditioners have been existing since 1928, and is one of the best know companies in the field. It provides heating and cooling solutions for residential and commercial businesses. They have anything from oil and electric furnaces to central air conditioning systems and heat pump systems.

They utilize advanced green solutions in their heating and cooling systems. Armstrong company has eliminated one of the most harmful substances for the Ozone layer, the refrigerant R22.

Cooling systems now use a coolant known as R410a. This is not only environmental friendly but it’s also more efficient, providing better cooling. Although the units that use this kind of coolant are a little more expensive, because it’s more efficient, you will cut costs on the long-term.

These units also carry the EnergyStar seal as well, this makes them eligible for tax credit. The tax credit has been increased to 30% and it includes the installation costs, up to a maximum amount of $1500. Buying an Armstrong unit you guarantee the quality of the air and also rest assured that you are not polluting the environment. You will also reduce the costs thanks to the high-efficiency.

Armstrong Air Conditioning is one of the leaders in this industry. They provide a wide range of units that can be perfect for any home. You will assure the quality of the air and also reduce the costs on the long-term.

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