About central air conditioners

Central air conditioners, just like any other air conditioning unit, helps you stay comfortable in warm summer days. The unit cools the air and also dehumidifies it.

How does it work?

Just like any other air conditioner, central ones use refrigerant to cool the air inside your home.

They have a larger centralized cooling stations than smaller units.

They provide the cool air through some wall ducts or pipe systems.

Package or split systems

These are the two main types of centralized air conditioners. Split ones offer the condenser and the coils apart from the evaporating system. The packaged system has all the components in one container.


Centralized air conditioners are easier to maintain than smaller air conditioners as they have a single system. They also are much quieter than smaller units. They are great for cleaning the air for dust and also for allergens. They feed clean, cool and dehumidified air inside of your home.

Installation and maintenance costs

The size and the ductwork influence the costs for installation and maintenance. The prices for installation, without the labor costs and with the preexisting ductwork, can reach $4000. The price can double if you add the ductwork.

Maintenance will keep your costs at their minimum. Once a couple of month replace the air filter and clean the system.

Before purchasing one such system, consider your needs. You may not need a centralized air conditioner. If you have a small house, this system might be very inefficient.

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