About commercial air conditioners

Commercial air conditioners are designed for large multi-leveled buildings, that are visited daily by a large number of people. For these buildings, standard air conditioners will not suffice. That’s where these commercial AC units come up.

They are more cost-effective and they have the right capacity.

When a company needs to buy an air conditioner for a building, then it should call a contractor. This contractor will come and take a look at the place and make sure that the customer gets what he needs. Maintenance is also required to keep the system working properly. If you want to improve the system, then also call a contractor and ask his opinion about the required system additions.

You can sign a contract with a contractor and he will replace the air conditioning system, clean the filters, the ductwork, replace the refrigerant, etc. All of this is needed in order to maintain a well working system.

One alternative, or, better said  an addition to the central air conditioning, is the portable air conditioner. This can be used in rooms where the central air conditioner cannot cool the air. In rooms with many computers and equipment, the temperature can rise a lot. So these portable systems can be used to cool “hot spots”.

You will find commercial air conditioners in restaurants, hospitals, museums, shopping malls, universities, etc.

These commercial AC systems are also used for refrigeration for food preservation. The technician will maintain the system working properly, repairing and replacing any damaged parts.

The system has, besides the actual unit, fuel and water supply lines and also ductwork that goes throughout the building to ensure that all rooms are getting proper air conditioning. You will need to have prepared a blueprint of the building and provide it to the contractor.

One important thing that you will need to have installed is thermostats. This will help maintain the desired temperature throughout the building and also keep the system efficient.

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