About condensing units

Often known as the “outdoor unit” by the air conditioning companies or contractors, the condensing unit is the component that is used to cool the house. It works with the “indoor unit” or the air handler, as it is best known. It absorbs the vaporized refrigerant from the air handler.

The vapours are then liquefied by the condensing unit and the blower returns the air cooled or heated back to your home.

The condensing unit also contains other very important parts, like the fan located outside of the unit. It helps circulate the air inside the system so that all the rooms should get fresh air.

People, especially those living in colder environment, are concerned about covering the condensing unit during winter. There is no need for such a thing. The unit was made to withstand all temperatures and conditions. Moreover, the rain helps clean the outdoor unit. However, if you live in an area with hail storms, it would be wise to cover it with something hard on top to prevent any damage.

Keep the condensing unit clean of leaves and weed, so that they don’t get to the fan. You can prevent this by keeping plants away from the unit. If you notice that there is water collecting outside of the unit, it means the unit is not leveled properly and you need to adjust it so that the water can be strained away from the unit and prevent any harm to it.

If you encounter severe problems, it is often more cost-effective to replace the condensing unit rather than repairing the system’s parts. Every inspection should be done by an expert in air conditioning units or by a contractor.

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