About evaporator coils

One vital piece of an air conditioner is the evaporator coil. This can be part of a heat pump, furnace or overall air conditioning system. It’s used to send cold air through the duct work in your home.

The coil absorbs the heat and then return cold air.

The evaporator coil is usually placed near the air conditioning unit. It’s usually apart from the actual condensing unit.

Because of the rust, the evaporator coil will get really damaged and will need to be replaced. This should be on your checklist. Replacing the coil with a new one will improve the airflow.

It also influences the overall system efficiency. Without the evaporator coil you will only be left with hot air blowing in your home.

Besides the evaporator coil, you will also need to replace the air filters to improve efficiency. Just replacing these two items can mean a lot to the system.

Maintenance is maybe the most important for keeping your air conditioner work efficiently.

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