About thermostats

Today there are so many types of thermostats that you can get lost. Now you can find programmable digital thermostats and old-fashioned thermostats or electro-mechanical as they are called.If you have a larger home, then you should consider installing multiple thermostats.

Digital thermostats are the top of line. They offer amazing and numerous features. They can help your heating and cooling system be more effective. You can program different temperatures for different parts of the day, or stop the air conditioning system when you are away from home. They can be easily programmed. Anyone can do it. If you are a first-time-user, then you can use the manual provided by the manufacturer.

Some more advanced thermostats can be programmed for a full week. They can be even adjusted to daylight savings time. You can also find thermostats controlled by remote control. You can buy one for $50, but more advanced ones can reach $200.

They use a relay or a semi-conduct device called a triac. This acts as a switch to control the AC system. For more convenience you can buy a touch-screen thermostat.

Like any device, thermostats also come with limited-time warranties. You can ask a salesman for his advice.

But having the right thermostat doesn’t ensure efficiency. Maintenance of the air conditioning system is very important.

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