About wall air conditioners

Wall mounted air conditioners are great for every home and are a perfect alternative for centralized air conditioner systems. They are easier to install and also occupies less space. They are great for cooling and heating any room.

How do they work?

Wall mounted air conditioners work like any other air conditioning unit. The unit sucks the warm air from the inside and then cools it with the help of refrigerant. Excess heat is expelled in the atmosphere, not into your room.


Centralized air conditioners are great for keeping the same temperature inside your entire home and they are also very effective on larger areas. However they are very expensive and the installation costs are also high.

Although wall mounted air conditioners are less efficient, they are easier to install and they are cheaper to maintain and run.

They run on the same principles as any other air conditioner. Compared to the window air conditioner, the unit doesn’t take window space and has two units. These units are more permanents, as you can’t store them in the winter time.


One thing the air conditioners really needs, and that is a hole int he wall, in the place where the unit will be installed. The hole needs to be fitted with a metal sleeve to protect the ducts and wiring that will run through the hole.

The best way to achieve a perfect installation is to let a professional handle the work. The hole needs to be perfect, as to avoid problems with the weather-proofing and the unit securing.

There is more than the installation process that you need to pay great attention. You need to also buy a unit that is the right size for your home. Also the installation place is important for the best efficiency.

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