About window air conditioners

One of the cheapest and most portable air conditioners is the window air conditioner. This unit, like any other air cooling device, sucks the warm air from the inside and then replaces it with cool air. They are very small in size and are perfect for any home.


There are 3 primary types of air conditioners: window, wall and central. Centralized air conditioners are great for keeping the same temperature in all your home and also for dehumidifying the air, but they are quite ineffective if mounted in small homes.

Wall mounted air conditioners are quite popular and are perfect for rooms that lack a window. Also they have a cooling capacity bigger than a window air conditioner. They are more difficult to install then window air conditioners.

How do they work?

These units act like a vacuum. They suck the air inside the room and then cools it and blows it back inside. To cool the air, the unit uses refrigerant. The excess heat is expelled outside in the atmosphere.

They can be installed on any window, as long as the unit fits. The main disadvantage is that they block the view and the sunlight from outside. They are very easy to remove and store in the winter months.

Selecting the right window air conditioner

It’s very important that you purchase a window air conditioner that has the right size. Measure the square footage of your home and see if it’s more profitable to buy a centralized or a wall mounted air conditioner.

If you buy a unit that is too small, it will over work and it will use more energy to cool the air. A unit that is too large will cool the air but fail to properly dehumidify the air. Also these units are more expensive and harder to install.

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