Adding a heater to a central air conditioner

Many home owners make the mistake of looking for either a heater of a central air conditioner. As seasons pass, an air conditioner can be just a waste of space and money. It’s better to just add a heater to the AC.
It won’t just warm the room, but it will also keep outside parts away from cold weather.

One way to do this is by installing a heater alongside the air conditioner, or add a heater directly to the unit. This way you can have cold and warm air as well.

Adding Heater Units to an Air Conditioner

If you decide to add a heater to the air conditioner, than you can call a specialist to do the wiring, or just try and do it by yourself.

Heater units can be found at any air conditioner shops, along with the special kit for the installation. You will need to drill some holes in the wall. Read the instructions in the manual with much attention.

Installing Heater Elements to an AC Unit

Attaching a heating element to the compressor:

  • Remove the outdoor unit to access the compressor.
  • Unscrew the tension screws on the heater to release both parts of the heating system. Attach the spring to the heating element, and mount and tighten around an inch from the compressors bottom.
  • Route the wires for the heating element to the connection box. Use cable ties to keep the wires away from the compressor tubes, and the AC fan.
  • Attach the wires to the relevant points on the heater kit.
  • Test to see if there are any problems with the wiring.
  • Reattach the outdoor unit cover.
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