Advantages of a 12.000 BTU portable air conditioner

12.000 BTU air conditioners are medium sized units and they are very flexible and convenient. Although they aren’t as powerful as central air conditioning systems or as fast as window air conditioner, they may present more advantages than other units.

Cooling power and electrical load

Whenever they are used as a substitute for other air conditioning systems, portable units will always use less energy. The area that can be cooled by the air conditioner can be as big as 350-450 square feet. Choose the right BTU rating considering the size of the room that you want to cool.


Usually portable air conditioners have a venting hose that blows excess heat outside your house. This hose needs to be fixed on to a window. They can also freshen the air by removing bad odors and some. This makes them great for kitchen use.


Portable air conditioners are usually packed, meaning that they have just one unit, unlike wall-mounted or central air conditioner that have a condenser and also an air handler. They are easier to clean and maintain as you don’t have to check the entire house for a clog or for some leaks.


Portable air conditioners usually have wheels that allows them to be easily moved from one room to another. They are great if you are always moving and are the best alternative to central air conditioners.


Portable air conditioners come with many additional features, just like any other air conditioner. They have a dehumidifier, heat, timer, thermostat and also HEPA air filters.

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