Advantages of ductless air conditioners

Ductless air conditioners present many more advantages over other types of air conditioners.


One of the best things about ductless air conditioner is that they are very easy to install. For the installation you need only some screws, a screwdriver and some pieces of wood.

Though it may be simple, the ductless air conditioners are quite heavy and you may need some help. In less than an hour you can install the unit even if you have no experience at all.


They are relatively small in size. This makes them perfect for small rooms and houses, like dorm rooms and apartments. They are also very easy to store. You can just wrap them up and them put them in a small closet.


They can be operated with great ease. Like most air conditioner they are remote controlled and you can program the temperature and also the times when to start. This is one of the main advantages over central air conditioners.


All air conditioners, no matter the type, have a high energy consumption, but these ductless unit have a lower power usage. Most of the times it’s more energy efficient to use two or three ductless air conditioners in a bigger home than using a central air conditioner.


These are one of the most quiet air conditioning units. They only make a humming noise than is easily covered by a conversation or by music. It will surely not keep you up all night.

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