Air conditioner condenser common problems

Debris, dust and other particles are the main problems for air conditioner units. Here’s how you can solve these problems.

Outdoor condensing fan motor

Condensing fan motors can stop working if the motor run capacitor is damaged.

Check if it’s running properly and replace it if necessary. Also check the motor. Maybe the fan blades are stiff. This may cause the system to run badly.


Check the thermostat. The thermostat should always be set to a temperature lower than the one in the room. Setting the thermostat correctly can make a big difference.

Air handling fan

Fans usually stop working because of bad breakers. Make sure that these are on. Turn them off and on and see if they start.

Also check the thermostat, the air handler control board and the wires between the handler and the thermostat. They should be in good condition in order to work properly.


Faulty motors can cause the blower not to work. The causes may also be a bad capacitor or the control board. Check to see if there are ice particles because they usually are the main cause for blower damage. Shut down the outside unit and let the ice melt.

Check to see if the capacitor is working properly. Also inspect the wires.

Air conditioning outdoor condensing unit

If the condensing unit doesn’t shut off, turn the breaker off. Check the contactors. Debris and dirt may also cause the condensing unit to stop working. If the problem persists, replace the contactors.

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