Air conditioner covers

If you want to store your air conditioner during the winter months, or if you want to prolong the life the unit, then you should install a durable unit cover.


You need to make some measurements in order for the cover to fit perfectly over the unit.


The right materials depends on the climate and use.

For wet climates, use premium marine canvas. This will protect the unit against humidity and water damage. For cold climates, covers that have proper insulation are perfect for providing thermal protection. In case that you live in a drafty climate, a heavy-duty canvas it’s indicated to be used.

Customized covers

If you have a different kind of air conditioning unit that needs a special kind of cover, you can always order a customized one. This is perfect for models with many electric lines or plumbing tubes.

You can also find covers for all seasons, that are for heavy-duty use and also moisture-resistant.

To better secure the cover over the air conditioning unit, use straps.

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