Air conditioner filters

If you want to keep your home air quality high, and healthy, it’s important that you inspect the air filters once in a while and replace them if necessary. The trick is to know when it should be replaced, otherwise you may waste a lot of money in time.

Filters may need replacement every month or every 6 months.

This depends on the efficiency of it.

Inefficient air filters

Low cost filters may be helping you to save some money, but on the long term it will prove to be more expensive and more dangerous for your health. These cheap filters usually don’t last more than a month, because they get clocked with dust very fast. More than this, they don’t filter the air too well and you will end up with dust circulating your house.

Efficient air filters

Good filters are measured in MERV ratings. The higher the rating the better the filter is at stopping dust and allergens from getting into your home and affecting your health. Even though you may need to replace them every month or so, they will collect more dust than a cheaper air filter.

Climate effects

Changing the filter also depends on the region that you live. For example, in the Southwest regions, the air is dryer and also dustier. Also wind can influence the filters. Change them more often to prevent respiratory problems.

Seasonal factors

In the summer months the air filters will collect more dust than the other seasons. If the weather is rainy that it will be less dust in the atmosphere and thus the filter can be changed less frequent.

Change indicators

Some air conditioner systems have an indicator that tells you the degree of dust in the air. So the scale may tell you Clean Filter or Change Filter.

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