Air conditioner maintenance tips

Air conditioner maintenance is not very popular amongst users, but it is a part of the overall maintenance of your house. These units need a regular, time to time, maintenance in order to keep working properly.

If maintained, the air conditioner will surely last longer.

Also if you keep a regular maintenance you will also cut the overall costs for repairs. Clean the air conditioner at least two times a year. The coils, the vents and the duct work will need your most attention.

In case you don’t use your air conditioner during the winter season, and you want it to be protected from the elements, you may uninstall it and store it in a safe place. To do this properly, put it in a safe boxing to avoid any rodents and bugs from making their home in it.

In the summer days, you should clean the air conditioner once a week. Try and schedule the maintenance as it will surely help.

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