Air conditioner parts

It’s important to know at least the most important parts of an air conditioner unit, if you want to keep it in top shape.


The condenser houses a few parts. It is place outside, and should be installed in a cool and shaded place.

If not, it will have to work harder and your electricity costs may rise.

Air compressor

The air compressor pumps the refrigerant gas from the components inside the building into the compressor outside the house. As the pressure rises, so does the temperature, and so the refrigerant is sent to the condensing coil.

Condensing coil

This part allows the gas to expand and cool. Excess heat is blown across the coils to the outdoor by a fan. The refrigerant is constantly moving through the coils.


This is one of the most important parts of the air conditioner system. Without it, the air in your room will stay hot. If you see that there are some problems with the conditioner, then first take a look at the fan.


The belts must be checked regularly. If the are loose, then it will take more time for the air to cool. If you see that they are cracked, you should replace them.


Without these parts, outdoor allergens can easily pollute your home. This is very dangerous for those who suffer of allergies. They also make your home healthier by keeping the humidity at bay. They need to be cleaned constantly and replaced once a few months.


This part allows you to choose the temperature of your desire. Be sure that it shows the indoor temperature. This will help you see the speed of the air conditioner and see if there are any problems.

You can always find spare parts for your air conditioner unit at any supplier. You just need to be sure that these are compatible with your unit. Also, be sure to buy quality parts, even if they cost more.

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