Air conditioner troubleshooting tips

It’s almost inevitable for problems to appear on your air conditioning unit. Breakdowns can be frustrating as they will occur when you need your air conditioner the most. There are many reasons why an AC unit can break.

Here are a few tips for how to check and repair the unit.


First of all you will need to check the filters. The filter needs to be clean in order for the system to work properly. This will also allow a better air flow. A dirty filter can reduce the output and thus breaking the system. Check the filter once a month.


One common problem occurs when the user does not know how to operate the air conditioner. So check if the controller has batteries, if the unit is set for cooling or heating, is the temperature set, etc. Also check the timer. If you can’t understand the buttons on the remote control, then read the owner’s manual.

Compressor coil

If the HVAC system isn’t running at all, then you should check the compressor. Any unusual sound or sign of deterioration can mean the compressor is damaged. Make sure the coil are not obstructed by anything.

Power reset

A nice feature that air conditioners have is a reset button. If the system doesn’t have this option, then turn it off for one minute and then turn it on again. This is a simple trick that can solve a lot of problems.


Check the ducts of your air conditioning system. Look for loose parts or clogged areas. See if they are also damaged.


The fancoil is the unit in the roof space. You should check it right away. Listen to the unit for any weird sounds. Tapping noises are a bad sign.

These tips should help you solve a few problems, but if nothing works, then it’s time to call a professional.

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