Air conditioning zone

Every salesman specialized in air conditioning units will tell you about air conditioning zones. So what are these zones and what do they have to do with air conditioning?

These zones are junction boxes that can be used to open and close the sections of the ducting. This will allow you to direct the air to your chosen rooms.

Because not all air conditioning systems can run the entire home, these zones allow you to choose which rooms to heat or to cool.

They give your air conditioning system flexibility, by choosing the areas where you want to run the system. Another advantage is that they allow energy savings because you can run the system only for a room or for just those where there are people. This makes them very cost effective.

You should know that air conditioning system zones are very cheap. It doesn’t matter how many you wish to add to your system, the costs will add very little to the final price. So don’t hesitate and install these zones.

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