Avoiding central heating problems

Most of the money from house expenditures goes to the heating system. The bad part is that because most heating systems are not very efficient you will receive part of the benefits of the energy you pay for. If your house is poorly insulated, more than three quarters of the heat is lost.

So more than half the money you’re throwing on the window.

It’s important to remove any air remaining in the central heating system. This is because air will set at the top of the radiator and make it cooler. If a large amount of air is trapped in the system, then it can cause flow restrictions and cut the heat to several radiators. Air can also cause corrosion.

It is a false conception that you will save energy if you switch the central heating system off when you are gone from home. Sometimes it’s more efficient to keep the system running at a constant temperature. Use the thermostat to keep the temperature constant.

Never wait for a problem to occur to call a heating engineer. Maintenance should be done at least once a year. Do all the necessary repairs at their moment. In case of leaking radiators, try to tighten the nuts before calling a plumber.

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