Basic air conditioner maintenance

Not only will regular maintenance keep your air conditioner work properly, but also it will keep the air clean for you and your guests. Proper maintenance will help you save energy and avoid reparations. Before you start doing the cleaning, read the manual, just in case there is something important that you need to do.

Cleaning the unit

First of all you will need to turn off the units and unplug them. Remove the dust from the covers first, to avoid any more dust to enter inside the unit. Now remove the covering panels and clean them with a sponge and some soapy water. Avoid using chemical cleaners, especially if they are abrasive. Dry the panels immediately.

Cleaning the filters

Filters are the components that clean the air from dust, debris and allergens. If the filters are dirty, they will let these micro-organisms enter your house and endanger your health. Also they will make the air conditioner work inefficient. Filters are usually for single use, but there are also reusable ones. Reusable ones can be cleaned with some soapy water. You should clean them at least once a month.

Cleaning the condenser coils

For more efficiency the condenser coil needs to cleaned too. Vacuum cleaners are very good for removing dust from the coils. Avoid using water as you may damage some electrical components and also the motor. While you’re cleaning the coils, make sure that the fins are straight. There are special coil fin combs.

Cleaning the venting system

The condenser outside your home needs not to be covered by plants or foliage. If there are some objects obstructing the air flow, remove them. Now reassemble the unit and turn it on. See if it work properly. Also check the thermostat.

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