BTU guide for portable air conditioners

When you buy an air conditioner, the brand isn’t always the most important thing. You should always look for the right BTU rating for your house. This rating is actually the air cooling capacity for the AC unit.

The higher the rating the higher the capacity.

BTU range for portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are perfect for small rooms. They usually have a BTU rating that ranges from 5000 to 14.000 BTUs. A 5000 BTUs air conditioner is great for room of 150-250 square feet and a 14.000 BTUs portable air conditioner can handle areas large as 500 square feet. If you don’t know the right BTU for your room, then just know that you should have around 25-30 BTUs per square feet.

Different BTU levels

There are pros and cons for large BTU levels. A unit that has a higher BTU rating can cool a larger area, but the main con is that it uses more energy. This can greatly influence your electric bill.

Low power models

These units work at their maximum efficiency when they are used for small rooms and areas. Any room that is larger than 250-300 square feet will probably be cooled properly but the air conditioner unit will struggle to do so and thus using more energy.

Medium power models

These units are great for medium sized rooms, with a square footage of 250 to 350. They usually have a BTU rating of 8000 to 11.000.

High power models

These air conditioners can cool areas larger than 350 square feet and also up to 700 square feet if the conditions are ideals, meaning that the insulation is good and there are thermal windows installed, and also if the air isn’t very warm.

Energy efficiency

Although they can be small units, portable air conditioners usually use a lot of energy. There is nothing that you can do to solve this, although there is an option that may reduce the energy consumption with a few units. This options allows the user to switch from the air conditioner to the fan-only use. This provides a constant air flow but without the need of cooling it. The option is most effective if you can program the AC unit to automatically switch from the air conditioner to the fan only.

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