Building sizes that require an industrial air conditioner

If you own a building for your business, you may consider buying an industrial air conditioner.

The efficiency of an air conditioner unit is measured by BTU (British Thermal Units). This determines how many square feet will be affected by the air conditioner unit.

Many of the industrial air conditioners start out at 240,000 BTU, which would be perfect for a building with 15-20,000 square feet, depending on the climate the building is in and the insulation.

Checking your building

The first thing you need to do is measure the area of your building. If it’s smaller than 15-20.000 square feet you should consider buying smaller, more practical and economical air conditioners.

If it’s larger than 15-20.000 feet, than you should buy an industrial air conditioner unit. There a few features available and it’s best to call a professional to get you informed.

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