Buying an air conditioner

When you have decided to buy an air conditioner unit, think first of the type best suited for you: central air conditioning or room air conditioning. Central unit are specially designed to cool more than one room at a time and room air conditioners are best for small rooms or houses that don’t have enough space to install a central unit.

You can find on the market three types of room air conditioning units: window models (for double-hung windows), casement window models (for vertical windows) and wall mounted units.

The size of the unit is very important because it needs to be efficient. A smaller unit will struggle to maintain the temperature and thus uses more energy and a larger one will cool the air too much. The proper size should be calculated considering the total square footage of the room. Calculate the footage and then multiply it by 20 and thus you will get the needed capacity of the air conditioner, measured in BTUs.

Filters are one of the most important component of the air conditioning unit. Buy a unit that allows easy removal of the filter panel.

Also, built-in thermostats should be included and digital controllers.

If needed buy a unit that allows you to control the power the air is blown.

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