Central air conditioning problems

Although central air conditioning units are great for every home, they are equally annoying as single units when they get damaged. Because the central units have a bigger system, problems can be found with more difficulty.

Lack of coil air

Maintenance is the best choice that you have to keep the central air conditioning unit working.

Sometimes you may feel that the AC unit isn’t cooling the air as it once used to. This can be the case of something clogging the system.

Turn off the power supply and clean any debris stuck in the protective grills of the outdoor condenser. Use a vacuum cleaner to better clean the place.


Noise can be a sign that something is wrong with the AC unit. First of all you need to identify the type of noise and then the location. High-pitched squeals mean that the belts used by the system are damaged. This will require their replacement.

Rattling noises are usually caused by loose metal components. These rattle when air is blown in their direction. Popping sounds are usually caused by parts that shrink and increase in size due to the temperature variation.


If you see that the systems doesn’t cool the air at all, check the thermostat and see if it’s properly configured. If the system is running but the temperature is still high, maybe you need to replace the thermostat. If the system isn’t running, then it’s time to check the circuit panel. Maybe a fuse has blown up. Also check the motor that runs the air conditioner.


If you feel that there are temperature variations then it means that the thermostat isn’t well calibrated and you will need to fix it or replace it.

Water escape

Another problem that may appear with air conditioning systems is water dripping. This is usually caused by the condensation that is no longer being drained properly. The drain may be clogged. Cleaning may be the solution.

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