Central air conditioning system installation

Installing a central air conditioning system isn’t an easy job. There are things that involve some electrical and mechanical knowledge. Here are a few tips that can help you finish the job.

Hiring a contractor

The central air conditioning system is a job for a professional. There are things that need some special skills. Also there are regulations that must be met. If you want to work with refrigerant than you will require an EPA certificate. Also the job is very dangerous as it involves a lot of electrical wiring.

Choosing the central air system

First of all you should think about the costs. You should consider buying a reconditioned central air system as it may be cheaper and at the same quality. You may also buy some new components to update your old central air system. Compare the costs and make the best choice that suits you.

Home cooling needs

You should determine the need for cooling and the capacity of the AC system. Cooling capacity of AC units is measured in BTUs. To calculate the right capacity, you should know that for 1000 square feet it will be required a capacity of 12.000 BTUs. You should consider the home insulation too, as if it’s not insulated, the capacity needs to be bigger. Also exposure to sun is another factor.

Space allowances for installation

You should ask your contractor about the size of the air conditioning system. You should choose a model that fits the space specially designated for it and also to allow access to it. The output of the system won’t be the same if it’s compacted in a smaller area. Be careful when choosing the size. Always consider all the factors that influence the central AC system.

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