Central air conditioning system repairs

In time you will have problems with your central air conditioning system. Sometimes it may happen that the system isn’t cooling or heating the air as it should have or maybe the power isn’t enough. Also maybe you haven’t cleaned the air filter.

Locating the problem is very important. You can use the manual provided by the manufacturer and identify the problem by yourself. Then you can call a professional. You should first try to do a little maintenance by yourself. Change the filters, clean the duct work and remove all the plants near the outside unit. If the problems persist, then you should call a technician. He can give you instructions through the phone or he can come and inspect the system. It’s important to do an annual inspection to avoid serious problems.

So how do you know that the problem is serious and you should call a technician?

  • the duct work is making strange noises. The problem can be solved with proper insulation.
  • The tubes are blocked by ice, and the air is not passing through the filters, although they have been cleaned. It may be a problem with the air conditioning refrigerant level.
  • if the air handler is making grinding noises then maybe some parts are loose. Call a technician and have him repair the system.
  • the ducts are full of dust. You should call a specialized company and have them clean the ducts.

Regular maintenance can prevent serious damage to your system and it can make it work properly.

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