Central cooling system vs unit air conditioner

During summertime, everyone complains about the high temperatures and dry air because it makes you feel very uncomfortable. If you want to get rid of any unpleasant situation buy an air conditioner. It will improve your life for sure.

Buying a proper air conditioner for your house is a simple task to accomplish if you know how it works. An air conditioner system is made up of a condenser and an evaporator coil. The condenser has the role to cool the compressed gas that comes from the refrigerant. From the condenser, the gas is sent to the evaporator coil. The cool air gets into the house with the help of a blower.

Cooling a house or a room

Before buying an air conditioner, you should decide if you want to cool the entire house or just one or two rooms. If you choose the first option, you need to buy a central cooling system; for the second option, a unit air conditioner is the right choice.

Let’s say that you need a unit air conditioner. You should know that it is the best solution to cool the air if your house is not big or you want to cool only one or two rooms. But, if you want cool the air in your entire house you should achieve a central cooling system. This is more expensive than a unit air conditioner, but more powerful.

Unit air conditioner

If you decide to buy a unit air conditioner, try to establish which room(s) of the house you want to cool. If the room you choose has an adjoining space and there is a door between them, you have to take into account both places when buying an air conditioner. Also, take care to achieve an efficient unit that is able to cool both the room and the adjoining space. Install the air conditioner as close as possible to your bedroom for better results.


It is very important to measure very carefully the height, length and width of the room (s) you want to cool. Repeat this action several times to be sure.

The dimensions of the window where you want to install the air conditioner is also very important. Do not buy an air conditioner without being sure which are the right dimensions of the window or the unit may not fit and you will spend your money for nothing. Also, measure the air conditioner units yourself to be sure it is proper for your window.

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