Central heating system tips

Installing a central heating system can be very costly and if mistakes are made you can add a lot more to those costs. DIY central heating installation isn’t impossible, but if you don’t have some experience with several large scale plumbing jobs, then it’s better to call a professional. It’s up to you to decide the number of rooms to be heated and the fuel used.

Depending on the number of radiators required, you can decide on the size of the water heater. Don’t skimp on money. Don’t install the system for 2-3 radiators. It will cost you more. Install the standard layout with all the thermostatic radiator valves, convectors and independently controlled hot water and heating systems.

The water heater is maybe the most important part of the system. The water tank will need to be large enough to provide the needed level of warmth and water capacity. The size is very important, because if it’s too small it won’t be able to heat your entire house in midwinter. If it’s too big it will use more energy.

Decide on the fuel that you want to use. You should choose between the gas and electric system. Gas heaters are a lot cheaper than electric ones. You can also get some wall mounted water heaters. Also you will need an adequate ventilation system in the room where the heater is installed.

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