Cleaning an air conditioner condenser

After some long use, the air conditioner will start working inefficient and this is due to the fact that dust and other debris start affecting it. The best things that you can do to maintain the air conditioner is clean its components. Here’s how you can clean the condenser.

Locate the condenser

The condenser is the heart of any air conditioner system. This component is usually found outside the house and it houses the fan, compressor and other components. Be sure to cut the power to the unit before starting the cleaning.

Outside case

Before you remove the outside casing, be sure you clean it on the outside, You don’t want any more dust to enter the box. Use a vacuum cleaner and a brush end. To remove the casing, just use a screwdriver and remove any screws. Put them in a safe place as you will need them later. Lift the casing very slowly to avoid damaging any parts.

Vacuuming the fan

Use the same vacuum cleaner end to remove any dust from the fan. Also vacuum any dust on other components. After this use a damp cloth and wipe the fan.

Removing the fan

The next thing you need to do is remove the fan. Usually a screwdriver will be enough to accomplish the task, bur if not, read the manufacturer’s instructions. Be careful as the fan will be connected with some wires to some other parts of the condenser. If the wires are long enough, set the fan aside and clean the rest of the components, otherwise, get some help. The person should hold the fan as far as the wires permit. Now you should begin cleaning the parts that were covered by the fan.

Now inspect the unit and see if there is any more dust. If not, reattach the fan and casing. Turn the unit on and check your air conditioner for efficiency.

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