Cleaning condensation line of air conditioner

If you want to keep your air conditioner working properly and also efficient, you need to keep it clean. Here’s how you can clean the condensation line and save money on professionals.

Turn off power and locate condensation line

Before you start any cleaning, you need to turn the unit off and then unplug it from any power source.

Now locate the condensation line. To do this, go outside and take a look at the compressor. The condensation line is usually a PVC pipe that runs from the outside unit to the inside unit.

Preparing the condensation line

Now you need to take the pipe apart. To do this you will need to open the compressor panel and detach the pipe. The panels are usually fixed with screws. Use a screwdriver and remove them and then just lift the panel up. Now detach the condensation line.

Cleaning the line

To clean the line, you will need to use a vacuum cleaner. Use it to suck any debris and dust that is clogging the pipe. After you have done this you will need to reattach the pipe. To do so, use some plumbers tape to ensure a nice fit and seal.

Cleaning the other end

If you see that nothing is coming out from the pipe, and it feels like there is something clogging it, then repeat the steps above but from the other end of the pipe. In case of central air conditioning systems, the inside unit may be located in the attic.


Now, reattach any covers that have been removed and also make sure that the pipe is sealed and properly fixed. Now plug-in the air conditioner and test the unit.

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