Common problems for air conditioner fan motor

Some of the most common problems for air conditioning units are related to fan motor problems. They ten to make noises, they don’t circulate the air properly or maybe they just stop during the process of cooling. This is usually a sign that the air conditioner needs some maintenance and some parts replaced.

The main thing that you need to do is identify the source of the problem and the size of it. Maybe it’s a DIY job and doesn’t require any professional help.

Noisy fan motor

When you hear strange noises coming from the air conditioner fan motor, it’s a sign that something is obstructing the fan or maybe the blades are bent and this creating vibrations. Open the cover of the unit and check the fan. Do any necessary repairs.

Air circulation problems

If the air conditioner unit is a little older, then the fan maybe it’s not working properly anymore. It doesn’t circulate the air. This can be noticed as you will hear the fan working harder but the temperature will still be the same. This problem can usually be solved by replacing the fan.

Fan motor shuts off

If your problem is that the fan motor shuts off suddenly, then you should replace it. Electrical shorts may cause it to act like that and if the problem is left unresolved, it may cause a total malfunction and damage the circuits of the AC unit. The fan may be repaired but it will need some professional look.

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