Extending a portable air conditioner hose

Extending a hose for an air conditioning unit may be the only way to properly vent some isolated room in your house. There are many problems that may occur on the process, but following the next steps you should have the right knowledge to do the work properly.

Portable air conditioners

Unlike other types of air conditioners, portable units are not made of two components.

They do not have an exterior unit for cooling the air. These portable units have a different system that allows them to cool the air and vent the warm air outside the house. They do this with the help of a hose.


As we said before, there are many problems that can occur during this process. Portable air conditioners usually have a standard 5 to 8 feet long hose for venting the warm air. This is the proper length as most air conditioners cannot push the air farther. This is why, extending the hose, you risk to make the unit work inefficient, or even break the unit.

Always read the instructions of the manufacturer’s and see if you can extend the hose. Most of the times, extending the hose will void the warranty.

Increasing diameter

Back pressure is the most important thing that you need to avoid when you are increasing the length of the venting hose. One trick to help you with this problem is increase the diameter of the hose, but this needs to be done gradually. You can find these types of flexible hoses at any hardware store. The maximum length of the extension should not be larger than 12 feet.

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