Free standing air conditioner quality analysis

Before you go shopping for a free standing air conditioner, you should consider the quality of the unit as you may need to spend over $200.

What is a free standing air conditioner?

A free standing air conditioner is a unit that needs no installation and it’s also portable.You can easily move the unit on wheels.

Some of the units may require venting, meaning that they have a small hose that needs access to a window.


Because you need a portable air conditioner, it’s important that the unit really needs to be easily to transport and move from one place to another. Check if it has wheels.

Venting needs

Check the unit if it really needs a venting hose. If it does, think about the place you are going to use the air conditioner. If the room doesn’t have a window, than you should buy a unit that doesn’t have any venting needs.

Cooling area

Read the information on the unit’s box. If it says that it can cool the air in a room of 150 square feet, then this is what is reasonable to expect. If it doesn’t do the job, return the unit to the seller.

Sound check

Every free standing air conditioner needs to be silent. You should be able to talk in a low voice near the unit. A quiet air conditioner is a good quality one.

Additional features

Having a humidifier feature means that the air conditioner is good quality and it will do a better job at cooling the air.

Some other features are fan speeds, remote controlling, heating.

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