Heating system types

Without heat even the most beautiful and stylish homes will look miserable in the winter months. This means that you will need a heating system for your house.

There are so many heating systems on the market that is quite difficult to choose the perfect one for your home.

If you live in a small apartment and you are away from home all day long, then central heating may not be the best choice. But for most homeowners a central heating system is the best. It has a high initial cost, but on the long-term is the best investment.

Radiant heat systems

Radiant heat is based on the principle of moving heat from a hot object. The heat source can be anything from hot coals to electric elements. This type of system does not make the air warmer but makes objects warmer.

There are many advantages for using radiant heat systems. They are less expensive than convection systems and they have an instant warming effect. If you have a fireplace, then you will add a certain cozy feeling to your room.

The system also has its drawbacks. Some elements may get too hot and may become a danger for children. There is a protective shield around the elements, but sometimes this get’s hot too. A thermostat won’t help either.

Convection heat systems

Convection air systems will make the air in your room warmer. The systems blows air currents that have been warmed by a hot object. The objects that heat the air are not necessarily glowing. This is named black heat because it uses hot metal panels or tubes.

There are also many advantages for convection heat systems. The heating can be thermostatically controlled and the system is safer for children. There will be less temperature variations in your room. The disadvantages are related to the aspect of the system. They will not look as good as a radiant fireplace. Also the hot air will rise very fast and the floor area will be colder than the rest of the room.

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