High quality air conditioners

When you’ll decide on buying a new air conditioner, you will see that there are dozens of models to choose from. The trick is to find the perfect one for your home. Make a list of the features you are looking for at the air conditioner.

Read reviews on the internet and make a choice.

Below are a few brand names and popular manufacturers. They should be perfect for your climate. Ask the manufacturer about the air conditioner’s cooling capacity.

Reverse cycle window/wall units – these are some of the most energy-efficient air conditioning units on the market. They may cost you more than normal units, but on the longterm you will see the difference in your monthly electric bills.

Kelvinator is one manufacturer that makes some really good models. They have many features like automatic restart and climate control. Mitsubishi is the company to look for when you want to buy split units. They have restart buttons , 24 ION, lateral swings, detachable indoor air panel, sleep mode. They are very energy-efficient.

Inverter split – Fujitsu makes some great air conditioning units that are very energy-efficient and also 30% cheaper than the rest of the competitors. They have washable filters, automatic restart, program timer and rust resistant bodies.

Inverter Reverse Split – LG is the king in this category. They have units that offer over 90% efficiency, perfect energy star rating and they do a great job cooling your home. They are perfect for those who suffer of asthma, because it cleans the air of allergens and bacteria.

Almost all air conditioning units have wireless remote controls and dehumidifier.

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