Home heating

Nowadays there are many solutions for heating your home. Here are the most common heating systems and their costs.


Although fireplaces are the best looking heating systems and they can provide a romantic scene, they are maybe the most polluting systems on the long run and also the most expensive. Also they are the least effective, more than 90% of the heat being lost up the chimney.

Radiant electric panels. They aren’t as expensive to run as fireplaces are, but the costs can go up. They have average emission costs. They are cheap to buy but costly to run.

Flued LPG. These are very similar to radiant electric panels. They have average running costs and also an average environment impact.

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems. These are some of the cheapest ways to heat your home and they are the most environmental friendly systems.

Before you choose a heating system for your home, make sure that it’s efficient and it doesn’t have a big impact on the environment. Calculate the costs and make the right choice.

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